Breaking Wind – Quick hits from the industry for September 29, 2010

Items of interest:

1-A study by the Washington-based Institute for Energy Research found that states with their own binding renewable electricity standards have 40 percent higher electricity prices than do states without such mandates.

CHESSER: Another government mandate – The Washington Times

2-“NZ Windfarms has reported an after-tax loss of $7.59 million after last year’s slim profit, blaming volatile winds and low power prices for the slump.”  (volatile winds, as opposed to the steady winds available when fans powered by electricity generated from fossil fuels are trained on the turbines)

NZ Windfarms profit slumps –

3-Here’s a test – read the following article and explain how they arrived at the “will come down” statement in the title.  Hint … the answer is not “one way could be

Offshore wind costs must and will come down – Renewable Energy Focus

4-No silliness here:

“Turbine torture” (Massachusetts) – Wind Turbine Syndrome

5-This will get your head spinning –  Senator wants both wind subsidies and level playing fields.

Gillibrand targets China’s green subsidies – Watertown Daily Times

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