Breaking Wind – Quick hits from the industry for September 28, 2010

Items of interest:

1-More on Denmark’s growing displeasure with wind energy: “The backlash against wind turbines has become so strong it has pushed the Danish government to cut wind subsidies.”

Danes Blowing Against Wind Power? – Energy Business Daily

2-If only the legislators handing out our tax money would come to the same conclusion.

Wind farms deserve increasing scrutiny – Charleston Daily Mail

3-“Over term for the 20 years these turbines are suppose to last, we are looking at a public subsidy of £1.2 billion – enough to build a 1GW nuclear power station – a plant with a deliverable capacity more than 13 times this wind array. That is the extent of the rip-off to which we are being subjected.”

The Wind Farm Generating £1.2 Billion in Subsidies – Energy Research News

4-And maybe we can now add Germany and Macedonia to the growing list – “Russia has already signed intergovernmental agreements with Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, Slovenia and Croatia to implement the onshore part of the (South Stream gas) project.”  (Maybe we’ll just put up another windmill)

Macedonia to start talks on joining South Stream with Russia’s Gazprom – RIA Novosti

5-“China’s overheated investment sector seeks to burst beyond the limits of the domestic economy, which is good for Russo-Chinese cooperation on investments. Apart from cooperation in the energy sphere, joint projects in such areas as transportation, agriculture and forestry look very attractive. Other promising areas include housing and infrastructure construction, the manufacture of building materials, tourism etc.”  (Maybe we’ll just put up another windmill)

Will China help Russia modernise? – Oye! Times

6-Of course it would be extremely helpful, if only it were true.  Then add to the problems that Poor Mountain is a “poor choice.”

Area wind farm would improve health, group says – Roanoke Times

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