Breaking Wind – Quick hits from the industry for September 26, 2010

Items of interest:

1-Ahhh … I’d always dreamed of seeing paradise.  I guess I’d better hurry before it no longer is – “The company that operates a wind farm on Maui and is building one in Kahuku has formed a subsidiary proposing the development of a third wind turbine farm in Hawaii…

Third isle wind farm proposed – Star Advertiser

2-Yeah!  The first thing I thought when I saw Lookout Mountain was how much prettier it would be with a few dozen propellers across the top!

Residents Organize against Wind Turbines – GPB News

3-Gee, wonder if the Mineral Daily staff was there?  “The BBC’s coverage of the opening of the Thanet offshore wind farm was mostly a disgrace. Endless ‘journalists’ repeating that the 100 turbines in the £780m wind farm “are expected to generate enough electricity to power 240,000 homes” and rarely a questioning word posed.”

The Scam of Wind Farms – Not A Sheep

4-More on the world’s largest wind farm – Can you say subsidy?

The Thanet wind farm will milk us of billions – Christopher Booker, Telegraph.UK

5-“The current lull in the wind industry has a lot to do with the slow economy and falling prices for natural gas and wholesale power, said Tom Wind, an industry consultant in Iowa.  “I would be reluctant to invest in more wind generation right now unless I knew I was required to do it or the market price of power was higher,” he said. “Don’t blame utilities for not investing right now.”  AT Note:  Isn’t the RES intended to do exactly that … “require” us to “do it?”

Wind industry awaits stiffer breezes – Des Moines Register

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