Breaking Wind – Quick hits from the industry for September 25, 2010

Items of interest:

1-The new EPA data show switching from affordable coal to expensive alternative energy sources is unnecessary to reduce air pollution levels.

Coal Emissions Are Falling Dramatically, EPA Reports – Environment & Climate News

2-Missed this one a month ago – Montana-Dakota Utilities filed to increase its electric rates by an average of 13 percent for its 24,000 Montana customers in eastern Montana, saying it faces increased costs from developing renewable energy, such as wind power.

MDU seeks 14.5 percent rate increase for eastern Montana electric customers – Helena Independent Record

3-“Wind cannot and will not shut down coal plants. Wind is unreliable, redundant, extremely expensive and does not reduce CO2 emissions.”

Time to rethink electricity? – By Maureen Anderson, Windsor Star

AT Note:  Please also enjoy the many excellent commentaries offered by Ms. Anderson at Wind Concerns Ontario.

4-An excellent comment a few days ago from Maine resident Harrison Roper:  “Before buying into the wind turbine power myth, check out the public website for the University of Maine’s campus wind turbine at Presque Isle, Maine. This highly touted inland wind turbine, which is “installed capacity” of 600 KW, has been producing a dismal average of less than 750 KWH PER DAY for the three months, and has an overall output record of less than 12% of “installed capacity” since being put on line in May of 2009.  It may look majestic turning in the wind ( and sometimes when there is no wind) but it isn’t making much power.”

We did as Mr. Roper suggested, and think you should as well – here’s the link – (If only each “farm” was required to report accordingly!)

5-Frustrated LA Times still pushing for the Renewable Electricity Standard.  No, don’t get your hopes up – when they say standards for renewables they don’t mean standards for performance, safety or health – they simply want Congress to insure taxpayers will hand money to developers even if the turbines don’t generate electricity.

Obstructionist Democrats – LA Times Editorial

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