Breaking Wind – Quick hits from the industry for September 24, 2010

Items of interest:

1-Remember the recent post about RARE EARTH (Item 2) minerals?  The Chinese embargo of shipments of said exotic materials to Japan, due to their recent flare-up is sure to cause a stir in D.C.  The NYT says “The House Committee on Science and Technology is scheduled to review a detailed bill to subsidize the revival of the American rare earths industry and the House Armed Services Committee is scheduled to review the American military dependence on Chinese rare earth elements.”  (Well, be thankful we don’t owe the Chinese any money or that might become an issue, too!)

Amid Tension, China Blocks Vital Exports to Japan – NY Times

2-Sign me up!  I just have to unload sell my investment in the Sahara Water Company and I’ll have the money for you.

An alternative approach to funding local wind energy – Ithica Journal

3-Industrial wind legal logic – hiring a lawyer to seek an injunction is “misuse of the legal system.”  On the other hand, the fact that all the wind farms are out of variance – give them a waiver.

Environmentalist group still looks to halt Rollins Mountain wind project – WCSH6

4-Michigan, having found an extra $6,000,000 under the stack of bankruptcy letters, promptly hands it to Dow Chemical.

Dow, MAG and Astraeus to Advance Wind Industry Technologies – IEWY News

5-Japan gets it! – “Since wind power is one of the least stable sources of energy for generating electricity, power companies must place a limit on the amount they depend upon in order to ensure a steady supply of electricity for their customers.”

New rules stymie investments in wind power –

6-Even beyond cronyism – “The bigger scandal is that taxpayers are being forced to subsidize an energy source that is not economically viable, nor even better for the environment.”

White House Ballyhoos Stimulus $ for Carnahan Wind Farm – National Legal and Policy Center

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