Breaking Wind – Quick hits from the industry for September 22, 2010

Items of interest:

1-John Droz, Jr. calls mini-nuclear “one of our BEST energy solutions.”  That’s good enough for me!

Small Modular Reactors: Creating Energy Independence for Hawaii – Hawaii Free Press

2-Renewable Electricity Standards (RES) is introduced in the Senate.  No it will not include standards for measurement of electricity generation, public health and safety measures or even the measurement of environmental improvement claims; the only measure in this hand-out will be the increased funds in the bank accounts of the wind developers at the expense of the taxpayer.  Write your Senators and tell them NO to RES!

Senators Introduce National RES – RenewablesBiz (Thanks to Frank O’Hara)

3-And, while we’re on it, sometimes it’s good to look back a bit, “the current frantic rush to install industrial wind on every viable mountaintop is both shortsighted and ecologically damaging.

Mountaintop industrial wind power is not ‘green’ by Jonathan Carter, director of the Forest Ecology Network at The Times Record.

4-Oh, and while we’re talking about hand-outs … is it any wonder the developers and owners don’t care that these things don’t actually produce a significant amount of electricity?

Wind Farm Owners To Benefit From Bonus Depreciation Provision Included In Small Jobs Bill – North American Windpower

5-More:  “In a free energy market, companies succeed by producing cheaper, better products than competitors. In a “green” energy market, companies succeed by holding Beltway fundraisers.”

Why They Go Green – The Industrial Wind Action Group

6-Seems this small town would like to vote for or against the wind farm planned for their community, but the developer won’t tell them anything about the wind farm planned for their community.

Irondequoit holds off on turbine opposition – ROCnow

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