Breaking Wind – Quick hits from the industry for September 21, 2010

Items of interest:

1-John Droz, Jr. is a must read!

Fifteen Bad Things with Windpower–and Three Reasons Why – MasterResource

2-Rare Earth – China has it, and it’s used in everything from military hardware to cel phones to computer hard drives to wind turbines and Toyota’s Prius hybrid car.  Wind turbines???  (oh, by the way, the band was good too!)

Boeing launches search for crucial rare earth elements – MSNBC

AT Note: Readers might remember this earlier post: Industrial wind + rare earth = Environmental Hazards

3-Oh, I don’t know … 238,855 miles sounds about right.

9/20/10 Tuned into the problem: Wind Siting Council Vice Chair Doug Zweizig discusses concerns regarding the new wind siting rules with WPR’s Joy Cardin – Better Plan, Wisconsin  (Thanks to Frank O’Hara)

4-Sometimes, the headline is all you need!

Medical marijuana, wind turbines fall under new regulations approved by Kalamazoo City Commission – MLive

5-Proving that, at least at the University of Maryland, Political Science is actually two courses, the Chancellor obligates students to 20 years of payments for the ever elusive “wind energy.”

Power purchase will let Pinnacle move forward – Cumberland (Maryland) Times-News

6-Laura Israel’s film of industrial wind and small communities is making its mark.  (Thanks to Jon Boone)

Windfall in New York – Stanley Fish, New York Times

Trailer for the film is here:

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