Breaking Wind – Quick hits from the industry for September 20, 2010

Items of interest:

1-“What’s not to like about windmills?”

Winds shift on turbines – Don Surber, Charleston (WV) Daily Mail

2-This is gonna leave a mark! – “And that is what grid scale wind in Maine is about – profit. Not elimination of coal-fired plants, since the intermittent nature of wind requires a constant backup source of power. Not reducing the cost of energy, since wind is the most expensive source of energy, as well as the most highly subsidized source. Not about producing a product that will make us independent of foreign energy sources, since the production level of wind turbines is marginal. Industrial wind farms are an attack on the rural communities of Maine. Yet, we seem willing to sacrifice people, homes, community cohesion, ridge lines and mountain tops on the altar of a technology that ensures nothing for the people of this state, but substantial profit for the profiteers of the industrial wind industry.

Lynne Williams – Green Independent for Maine State Senate

3-“Our mandate is to educate people as to the true impacts of industrial wind power and other forms of renewable energy on health, the environment, the economy, scenic landscapes, electricity prices and people’s quality of life,”

Meaford residents band together to fight wind turbine proposals – The Cambridge Citizen

4-Having received “millions of pounds in government grants”, now burning through cash and its US market green energy subsidy now in question, what else is there for Clipper Wind to do but sell out.

Clipper Windpower runs out of puff and is set for takeover – London Evening Standard

5-“A wind-power deal once expected to cost the city little to nothing has cost City Water, Light and Power customers more than $3 million in the last six months.”  Utility company then pats them on the head, blames economy and says it’ll be Okey Dokey!

Wind energy costing CWLP customers – The State Journal Register

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1 Response to Breaking Wind – Quick hits from the industry for September 20, 2010

  1. Harrison Roper says:

    Before buying into the wind turbine power myth, check out the public website for the University of Maine’s campus wind turbine at Presque Isle, Maine. Google UMPI Wind Turbine. This highly touted inland wind turbine, which is “installed capacity” of 600 KW, has been producing a dismal average of less than 750 KWH PER DAY for the three months, and has an overall output record of less than 12% of “installed capacity” since being put on line in May of 2009.
    It may look majestic turning in the wind ( and sometimes when there is no wind) but it isn’t making much power.
    Harrison Roper Houlton, Maine

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