Breaking Wind – Quick hits from the industry for September 17, 2010 (Updates throughout the day.)

Items of interest:

1-So what you’re really saying is, you put up 217 massive wind turbines so you could get the actual production of maybe 72 massive wind turbines?  When the wind blows?  And if we happen to be awake when it does?  C’mon!  Your are pulling my leg, right?

PGE’s largest renewable project, with a total installed capacity of 450 megawatts. Given the variability of wind power, the plant is expected to produce an average of around 150 MW” – autobloggreen

2-More on Luca Brasi Wind LLC.

Mafia ‘Hits’ EU Wind Subsidies – Energy Tribune

3-Wait a minute!!! You want taxpayers to cough up $66,000,000 to tear the wind turbines down?  What happened to our friendly wind LLC?

Foes: Teardown cost of $2B Cape Wind adds ‘insult to injury’ – Boston Herald

4-Based on results just in from the 2009 world-wide wind industry study – the industry determines it doesn’t have a clue if, when or where it will blow in the future.  (Thanks to the AFA)

Winds Blew Weakly in 2009 – renewablesbiz

5-So, based on Item 4 above, you’re going to spend how many millions of our hard earned tax dollars to find wind?  For real?

DOE directs $3.4 million to detecting wind – CNET

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