Jon Boone eviscerates “AWEA’s evidentiary offerings on behalf of wind’s carbon saving/fossil fuel slaying potential.”

We are very pleased to offer Jon Boone’s most recent commentary on industrial wind, “Overblown.”  In this work, Mr. Boone, an environmentalist recognized internationally for his knowledge about the wind industry, challenges the latest American Wind Energy Association claim of reduced emissions resulting from industrial wind.

For your convenience, we provide Mr. Boone’s excellent work in its entirety:

Mr. Boone is an Environmentalist, Artist, Author, Documentary Producer, and Formal Intervenor in Wind Installation Hearings.  We encourage you to read his many commentaries here at Allegheny Treasures, including these two very informative posts:  A Conversation with Jon Boone – Toward a Better Understanding of Industrial Wind Technology and A Conversation with Jon Boone – Industrial Wind and the Environment.

We encourage you to visit Mr. Boone’s web site – Stop Ill Wind, to take advantage of his extensive work on the topic of industrial wind.

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