Breaking Wind – Quick hits from the industry for September 14, 2010 (Updates throughout the day.)

Items of interest:

1-AWEA’s claim that industrial wind contributes significantly to carbon emission reduction meets a serious challenge.

Jon Boone eviscerates “AWEA’s evidentiary offerings on behalf of wind’s carbon saving/fossil fuel slaying potential.” – Allegheny Treasures

2-Had to post this just for the headline which, if it were true, industrial wind might actually work.  Sad to say, the folks signing land leases don’t seem to know that fact.

Wind farm proposal in western Sangamon picks up steam – The State Journal-Register

3-“Let’s hope the Scottish Government takes notice before it is too late” – STRUAN STEVENSON, Conservative Euro MP for Scotland  (Uh, by your title Sir, it would seem your wish has already been granted.)

Letter: Danish sound the retreat over wind farms – The Scotsman

4-Bet you didn’t see this one coming … Japan threatening to sue Canada over requirements that favor companies using made-in-Ontario equipment over those using foreign-made equipment, violating Canada’s international trade obligations.

Japan takes aim at Ontario’s green energy plan – CTV-Toronto

5-Seems Estonia has it figured out … maybe they can alert US politicians.

Subsidies Spoiling Renewable Energy Producers, Says Competition Authority – Estonia Public Broadcasting

6-Oh, I don’t know!  Stop is an excellent blade speed setting.

CEO: No easy resolution to wind turbine noise –

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