Breaking Wind – Quick hits from the industry for September 12, 2010

Items of Interest:

1-“It is, after all, our backyard they’re playing in.”

LOIS HENRY: LA is after Kern’s wind – at Bakersfield (California) Online

2-I suppose, had they been listed, fun facts #15 thru #27 would have mentioned why industrial wind doesn’t work as a reliable, affordable, secure and environmentally friendly energy source.  And, I don’t know, is it enough that an energy source the country is to rely on for commerce and comfort is “neat?”

Wind Power Fun Facts – at Newbizine

3-LA Times desperate to face down another wind problem – all it will take is some more of your money.  (The “renewable leader” is, after all, broke!)

Wind farms and the radar problem – “‘Wind farms interfere with commercial and military radar systems. That’s stalling some projects, but it doesn’t have to.” – at the LA Times (Oh, did I mention that the fixes are “expensive!”)

4-Environmental activist says, “Clearly, a solar panel on the White House roof won’t solve climate change.”  We agree and add this qualifier, “the White House or anywhere else.”

Barack Obama: ‘no’ to solar panels on the White House roof – at

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