“Taken together, it is likely that the costs of our (UK) renewables objectives will drive a million more British families into fuel poverty by 2020.”

The title statement, taken from a recent commentary by MEP Roger Helmer at the ever interesting Libertarian Alliance Blog , seems to confirm the concern raised in a comment written to an AT post by Fran, an advocate of Wisconsin based Windcows, “It’s amazing that people around the globe are having the same trouble with these things and governments don’t seem to care.”

This sense is shared by many in this country and around the globe.  For example, earlier today, we posted Glenn Schleede’s letter to Virgina state leaders challenging them to reconsider their position on wind subsidies and tax breaks which, hopefully they will.

This is not the first time we’ve posted the commentary of Roger Helmer, a conservative member of the European Parliament.  Earlier we found his “Even if you accept the theory of man-made climate change, wind turbines are a rotten way to reduce CO2 emissions, or to improve energy security.” – Roger Helmer, MEP, which we were happy to highlight as well.

So, while the concern about government ignorance or lack of concern Fran states is a serious issue, MEP Helmer and a rapidly growing group of concerned citizens here in the United States and world-wide will continue to speak out.

As we’ve stated before, if your elected official doesn’t care to study the facts and continues to fund these pitifully performing tax shelters, toss them out of office.  Let your representatives know that, with all the information available on which informed decisions can be made, there is no excuse for ignorance.

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